Mr Dealz: Buy, Sell, and Barter Video Games and Electronics!

Who is Mr. Dealz and why should you care?

Mr Dealz (Mr Deals) is a video game and electronics dealer in Albany County (in Colonie on Central Ave). Serving Albany, Schenectady and Troy NY with deals that cant be beat. Mr. Deals (dealz) is a great place to pick up some used video games..

Why Dealz and not Deals?

The Z in Dealz Stands for Zealousness– Zealousness about our LOW LOW Prices that is! … and Xylophone (which really should be spelled with a Z afterall). Sign our petition to make Xylophone a “Z” word here.

Mr Dealz has amazing Deals!

Mr Dealz takes his deals very seriously which is why he has owned a video game store in Albany NY (NY’s capital of deal making). His Deals are so crazy you’d almost think he was throwing the games away! seriously, thats not marketing jargon, he may in fact be insane and he often throws video games at people. Mr Dealz specializes in buying, selling and trading used video game, used electronics like Ipods and computers and movies. Some call him a bartering genius, others a madman, but most realize he is a actually just a simple, sensitive, and cordial man… BUT HES NOT JUST A MAN (add emphasis here later)!– hes also a local business… and havnt you been meaning to buy things locally anyway? Exactly.


“I strongly recommend the store, its a great place to find deals on used and new video games, electronics, movies, cameras, laptops, camcorders, stereo systems and more right in the heart of the Capital District… well, not physically right in the heart (as that would probably be downtown Albany), but adjacent for sure! Whats adjacent to the heart? arteries? Yes! Arteries… but I suppose the roads would be the arteries… and the store is adjacent to the roads, hmmmm…. AHAH! Mr Dealz Video Game Shop is the cholesterol stuck to the walls of Albany’s arteries! THATS HOW CONVENIENT THE STORE IS! and you being the blood vessel that you will just flow by– so why not stop in?” – Jonny, Age 9

“Great store! It’s the only place I would ever imagine getting an electronic video game from!” -Marty Deals, Age 73

“Albany’s central avenue can be a dangerous place especially near KOHL’s and Brueggers bagels, but I always feel safe walking into Mr Dealz ever since I learned that the store made a deal with the Cobra Kai dojo down the street to provide the store with protection.” -David R., Age 33

We are publishing testimonials as fast as we get them! Stay tuned for more!

What We Carry

  • Retro Consoles: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis
  • Used Games for NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, SMS, Atari, Intellivision, and more
  • New Games (on launch day) for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and the Playstation 3
  • Rare Consoles: Atari Lynx, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Sega 32X
  • Popular Game Titles: Halo Reach, Fallout 3: New Vegas, E.T. (atari) Pokemon, Portal, Halo, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy III, Starfox, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, Sonic, Halflife, Castlevania, Star Wars, Earthbound and so many more
  • Game Accessories: Controllers, Game Guides, Memory Cards, Toys, Knick-Knacks
  • Used Movies: Thousands of used DVD’s and Blu-rays of all genres
  • WARNING: Products are not guaranteed to be there, store may become a day care center.

    original nintendosuper nintendo, snesN64 consoleSega Genesis Consolegamecube consoleAtari 2600 consolesega dreamcast consoleoriginal playstation 1colecovision consolesega saturn console
    Contact Us

    Still Have Questions? Contact Mr Dealz Directly!

    If you have any questions about Mr Dealz store or Mr Deals related activities or enterprises, please contact Mr Deal himself: Mr Dealz personal (non-business) email address (do not email after 10pm, he sleeps and it makes a noise on his cell phone and its annoying and wakes him up)!

    What if Mr Dealz doesnt have what I want?

    If you don’t find what you’re looking for at Mr Dealz, you can also check out:
    Jay Street Video Games (stores in Crossgates and Colonie Center)

    Looking for non-video-related gaming? check out:
    Flights of Fantasy for magic cards and fantasy gaming

    Rumors About Our Closing

    Its not true! The rumors that you have heard that we may soon be a ‘day care center’ or other establishment are vastly overstated. We are not sure how these vile rumors got started, but believe it might be because we told some people who did work for us that we were going to be closing down the store, and so, couldnt afford to pay them… However, this was not the case! It was a carefully planned ruse to save costs and lure our competitors into a false sense of security!… only to spring our trap– BAM! Still in business!! That is, unless we do end up closing, and opening a day care center– as it’s sadly true that Mrs. Dealz and I have faced hard times lately… and if we do close, I assure you there will be no one better than I, Mr Dealz, to watch your child(ren). Just like video games, I assure you that child(ren) left in my custody will never depreciate in value!


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